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The IT landscape has morphed over the last decade. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, XaaS, updated frameworks such as ITIL®, COBIT, and ISO15504-33000, and approaches such as Devops, Lean IT and bi-modal have transformed the discipline from one of ‘necessary cost-centre’ to ‘business enabler’. Verax services are a measured and agile response to those changes.

A new landscape of opportunity has opened up. It holds the promise of agility, control and Information Technology that is more responsive to the needs of the organisation.

But there’s a problem.

All of these IT elements are constrained by the processes that govern them. Those processes in turn are a sometimes complex hybrid of inherited and new activities.

As a result, today's IT Service Management staff, and the consultants they employ, struggle to assess and improve the critical processes that enable the business.

Up until now there’s only been one, monolithic approach to assessing IT process capability. But whether the framework used is ITIL, COBIT, or some other, the ‘one-size-fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work any more.

The Verax approach of Context Based IT Transformation (CBITT) is flexible, rigorous, and business focused. It solves the problems of assessing and improving dynamic processes (not static ones).

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Context Based IT Transformation


Faster delivery, higher quality, fewer business disruptions. Improve outcomes. More...

Context Based IT Transformation

Service Desk

Serve customers better. Assess, improve, or implement Service Desk capability. More...

Context Based IT Transformation

Devops Assessment


Unlock Devops efficiency. Assessment, assurance, improvement. More...

Context Based IT Transformation

COBIT Assessments


Incomplete? Or optimizing? Predictable, or just performing? Help is at hand. More...

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