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Service Desk: shining example or embarrassing shambles?

See what condition your condition is in*

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Your Service Desk is a window into IT. It determines what customers think about YOU.

Are you in any way responsible for the Service Desk? When was the last time you considered performance from the customer's perspective?

Not just how the numbers are looking, and how OLAs or KPIs are trending in this month's report. That can be deceptive. VERY deceptive. 

What I specifically mean is, when was the last time you were a Service Desk Mystery Shopper? When did you last experience for yourself what service your Service Desk actually provides? Have you recently dropped in, to see what condition your condition is in?

What you may find is that the carefully designed Service Desk processes​ and procedures don't long survive contact with reality. As a customer of your own service, you may find yourself passed from pillar to post, or be amazed at how time consuming and complex it is to get a simple request fulfilled.

Traditional Service Desk assessments and improvement programmes don't work!

Look at the numbers and trends. Do the statistical analysis.

Become the Mystery Shopper. ​

Ask all of the standard Service Desk process and procedure questions, but also probe more deeply.

Speak to the people who do the Service Desk work, and to the team leaders and managers.

Observe them doing their jobs and get to understand their problems and opportunities. Listen to what they think is working, and what isn't.

Then talk to your customers. Get the the story from their perspective.

Take the time to really understand.​

Alternatively, you could ask us to do all of that - and more - on your behalf. Traditional Service Desk assessment and improvement programmes don't work, because they confuse formal maturity levels with efficiency and effectiveness - whereas the messy reality is often very different. Our 'Secret Sauce' is Context Based IT Transformation (CBITT). It's flexible, rigorous and business focused. It solves the problems of assessing and improving dynamic processes (not static ones).

Let's get to work on the Service Desk