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Assessment, Benchmarking, Improvement & Transformation

Collaboration and teamwork are the beating heart of Devops. 

But Devops should go well beyond team-working practices and embrace Agile and Lean approaches to development and operations.

The Verax approach to Devops assessment is based on COBIT and is comprehensive and flexible. It will help any organisation reap the benefits of Devops while ensuring that security and control issues are fully addressed.

Can you confidently answer the questions below? 

  • Is software delivery quick, efficient and agile?
  • Are fewer unmanaged defects being introduced into production systems? Do releases result in too many incidents and problems?
  • Do processes, systems and tools synchronise simply and effectively?
  • Are incidents and problems resolved quickly and efficiently? Do the numbers back you up on this? Does customer perception and satisfaction back you up on this?
  • Do development teams work well with operations teams? Do both teams actively identify and remove waste and inefficiencies as a daily habit?
  • Do all activities and outcomes in the Devops domain comply with regulations, controls and security standards?
  • Are controls and standards consistently applied across Devops?
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear? Are they in line with enterprise strategy and governance?
  • Are you confident of the operating effectiveness of Devops processes, procedures and policies?
  • Have all control and regulatory issues been identified? Has appropriate action been defined? Is action being taken?
  • Do system development controls effectively assure reliability, accuracy and security?

Business Impact and Risk

  • Do inaccurate development time estimates cause missed deadlines?
  • Do system and service developments and changes sometimes fail to meet customer requirements?
  • Does a lack of applied standards lead to the adoption of inappropriate processes and procedures?
  • Are system environment and migration tools inaccurate or misaligned?

Devops Assessment can help you to answer 'yes' to those questions

The Verax approach of Context Based IT Transformation (CBITT) is flexible, rigorous, and business focused. It solves the problems of assessing and improving dynamic processes (not just static ones). CBITT takes Devops assessments to a new level, where successful outcomes are more important that maturity level scores.

Let's get to work on Devops.

We don't do 'hard sell'.