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Do your IT processes support the goals of the Enterprise?

COBIT5 assessment ensures that we capture that most elusive of unicorns - IT alignment with the business. Our assessments mean that you can stop thinking of 'alignment' as a vague concept and start to clearly show how IT delivers value to the business.

The Verax approach follows the process assessment model described by COBIT and based on ISO/IEC15504. All of which means that our assessments are structured, rigorous and  well scoped so that you get a clear capability level result for each process assessed.

Like all Verax IT services, the COBIT5 assessment's main benefit is that it is a way to start improving efficiency, eliminating waste and driving continuous improvement. We take the process assessment model a step further and help you to prioritise and categorise improvements and create an improvement roadmap. Then, if required, we will help you transform the way you manage and govern IT by implementing the roadmap.

Our 'Secret Sauce' is Context Based IT Transformation (CBITT). It's flexible, rigorous and business focused. It solves the problems of assessing and improving dynamic processes (not static ones). The IT landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Unfortunately, IT assessment and improvement hasn't kept pace. Traditional approaches don't work because they are focused mainly on the gap between the 'ideal' process and the actual process. But that is only one aspect of a COBIT5 assessment (or any other kind). The real benefit of an assessment is to understand and bridge the gap between what IT processes deliver and what the business requirements are. This covers effectiveness (delivering the right stuff) and efficiency (delivering it in a timely and well managed way, without waste or unnecessary cost).

If you'd like to find out more about how we do COBIT assessments and manage improvement programmes, let's chat informally - or drop us a line.

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