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What does VeriSM mean for the ITIL community?

Today, Jan van Bon asked on LinkedIn what impact VeriSM would have on the ITIL community. This is my answer. First things first. VeriSM may have no impact on ITIL. Not all new shiny things are taken up en masse, even if eminent people are involved. No doubt, market forces will decide. I see some positives and […]

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Business transformation failure

The myth of business transformation failure

​Recently on this site’s home page I declared that “most business transformations fail.” How convenient that is for someone like me who helps businesses transform their IT Service Management organisations. It’s a statement that strongly implies that unlike the majority of my incompetent competitors, I know something and do something that will make your business […]

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Leadership first steps

Leadership: How to Lead from Day One Using the CAIR System

You’ve just got an internal promotion, or taken a new job. You want to improve your leadership and management skills, make a big first impression and come across as an accomplished professional. PERFECT. Here’s my top advice on how to do that. Four simple steps that will make all the difference. It’s not always about […]

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workplace alienation

When humans become part of the machine: workplace alienation

​The exciting world of Information TechnologyFergal is a rangy, twelve o’clock-shadow, open-neck-shirt kind of guy, with a cheeky sparkle in his eye and a ready smile. He is the epitome of the laid-back, geeky, young(ish) IT professional. Working in a large IT department, he multi-tasks as a software developer and process ‘owner’. After a short […]

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