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Assess and Improve IT Service Management

Verax helps organisations assess and improve IT Service Management. We benchmark and improve the capability and performance of processes, functions and overall governance. Can we help you to improve your IT processes and functions? Can we help you to exploit your strengths and turn your weaker areas into opportunities to learn and grow? For more than a decade we have helped to improve the return on investment in IT in prestigious global companies, government departments, SMEs and the 3rd sector. We specialise in IT capability assessment and are experts in improving IT Service Management processes and functions. We also help IT organisations to transform by adopting new operating frameworks, governance structures, risk control measures and Continual Service Improvement.

We measure smarter so that you can manage better

It’s all too easy for IT organisations to get bogged down in complying with this or that process framework. While we can – and do – provide independent process capability assessment across the service lifecycle, we’ve also developed innovative approaches to ensure that we assess and improve what is really vital to your business. We aim to measure smarter so that you can manage better. This entails recognising that what is vital to your business varies dependent on circumstances. For example, you may need to improve the way that Information Technology investments are governed and managed. Or perhaps you need to transform your Service Desk into a world class operation. Our assessments are also able to gauge maturity and capability in several vital business areas such as

  • IT / Business Integration
  • Risk Optimization across the IT lifecycle
  • IT Service Portfolio Management
  • Benefits Realization
  • Governance framework robustness
  • Resource Optimization across the IT lifecycle
  • Process maturity and capability (for instance, across all ITIL or COBIT enabling processes)
  • Functional maturity and capability (for example, across any or all of the four ITIL functional areas: Service Desk, Application Management, IT Operations Management, or Technical Management)

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Verax was founded by Dan McCarthy in 2005. View Dan McCarthy's profile on LinkedIn