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IT Process Assessments: Improve the IT Organisation's Performance 

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IT Process Baseline Assessments, Improvement & Transformation

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IT process assessments: are your IT processes driving better performance, or holding it back? 

Process and functional efficiency is vital for managing IT services effectively and efficiently. At Verax we have deep and wide experience of process assessment, which is the starting point for improvement and transformation. We have a simple five step process that delivers results:

1. Understand the business context of the need for assessment; then assess the organisation and its processes to establish the capability maturity baseline 

2. Help you to design a future state with clear targets and improved capabilities

3. Document the gaps between the present and future states

4. Design the roadmap and plan to deliver the required improvements

5. If required, help you to deliver the roadmap and improvement plan

The main point of process assessments is not to understand the gap between the 'as-is' and the 'perfect' future-state IT process or organisation - it is to understand the gap between actual performance and the business requirements for performance.


Context Based IT Transformation

The Verax approach of Context Based IT Transformation (CBITT) is flexible, rigorous, and business focused. It solves the problems of assessing and improving dynamic processes (not static ones).

The method used is straightforward. A Verax assessment and improvement programme is based on a four step process involving Context, Assessment, Improvement and Re-calibration (CAIR).

Contact us now for an informal discussion on how we can help to assess and improve your IT processes and functions.