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ITIL 4 Future-Proofed. A Bold Claim.

You may agree with me when I say:

Transitioning from ITIL V3 to ITIL 4 is about the LAST thing on your to-do list or in your strategy for IT.

After all, you have really pressing needs to create more value for your business stakeholders, introduce new technologies and systems, manage incidents and... the list goes on.

But does the transition to ITIL 4 need to be difficult? And is it even worth it? 

Well it turns out that it is possible to transition painlessly and in a way that benefits your business. 

Let me explain why.

What is ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 only reflects what the best IT organisations and consultancies are already doing. This is why it is a best or good practice framework.

Because Verax has been using these best practice principles for years to the benefit of our clients, I am confident in saying that the thinking behind ITIL 4 will be able to help most businesses and IT organisations, when properly understood and applied.

However, at time of writing, the new Axelos ITIL 4 hasn't even been announced. So how can I claim that Verax are ready for it, and that we can help you to use it to drive real business benefits?

Consider this: as we said, ITIL 4 is a best practice framework - but frameworks always lag behind reality. The truth is, Verax have been delivering best practice IT Service Management projects since 2005.

For years we have helped IT organisations by focusing on:

  • The IT Value Chain
  • Improving not just processes, but value streams
  • Embedded Continual Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Design of Service Lifecycles, Operating Models and IT Organisations
  • IT Governance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Better planning and performance across the whole IT Value Chain

But is this what ITIL 4 is really about?

What we know about ITIL 4 from the Axelos Lead Architecture Team Updates 

According to the Axelos updates from the ITIL 4 lead architecture team, here's what we have in store:

  • "Leverage what's there and has been there for a very long time, in better ways". Check. Verax has been involved in ITIL for over twenty years
  • "Do what makes sense for your internal or external marketplace". Check. Verax look at all the aspects of the marketplace conditions that our clients work in. One important aspect of this is multi-speed delivery models with appropriate levels of governance
  • "Stop ignoring ITIL's advice on competitiveness". The idea of Competitive Advantage (first advanced by Michael Porter) is exactly why Verax has been in the vanguard of IT Value Chain / Service Lifecycle-based approaches to help develop and run IT organisations
  • "Ensure customers get the value they need from their IT services, delivered in a cost-efficient low-risk manner". This is exactly our approach - underpinned by value stream mapping, continual improvement, and assessment of processes 
  • "The updates we are working on help organisations recognise where (market and social) pressures are coming from and gives them the tools they need and the practical guidance they need to adapt... to remain competitive". Check! Verax can help you not only streamline the IT value chain through 'traditional' value stream approaches, but by also looking at the broad landscape of digital transformation
  • "What we are incorporating (in ITIL 4) is very specific, tangible ways that organisations can make continual improvement real... in order to deliver the best possible value". At Verax we believe that specific continual improvement activities must go hand-in-hand with the establishment of a culture of improvement embedded across the whole organisation
  • "The update will give people a much clearer idea of how to go about building the whole house, not just doing this little bit or that little bit". Perfect! Anyone who knows Verax will know that we go on about the possibly negative unintended consequences of tweaking parts of a process, value stream or organisation, without understanding the impact on the bigger picture (or the IT Value Chain, if you prefer). This is a basic tenet of our Theory of Constraints-informed approach
  • "A fixed, rigid, repeatable approach is great for efficiency... but somehow lacks the focus on value, the focus on experience, the focus on rapid, agile changes that are increasingly necessary in the world. We are moving from a Taylorist, process, mechanical approach towards something more flexible". About time!

When is ITIL V4 coming?

According to Axelos, ITIL v4 will launching in Q1 of 2019.

Our Best Advice on ITIL 4

Most IT organisations will take one of two positions on the Axelos ITIL 4 update:

  1. Ignore
  2. Launch into ITIL 4 Certification and Training

The problem is, to do either of these things would be to repeat the mistakes of the past.

First, ignoring IT Service Management best practice has cost many companies dearly. We see many who are still struggling to put the basics in place.

Second, neither should you assume that 'implementing' a new framework will be the answer to your business and IT challenges. Your organisation has specific problems and opportunities, and it's that business context that should inform whether or not - and to what extent - you will use ITIL 4 approaches to meet your objectives.

Put simply, Verax can help you make informed decisions on whether or not ITIL 4 can help your organisation. Starting from basic principles, our tailored Executive Briefing will address your specific circumstances and explain why ITIL 4 should or should not be part of your IT strategy. Contact us today.

ITIL 4 - Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy - Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Verax

"People don't aspire to the adoption of new frameworks. They aspire to the efficiency, savings and successful outcomes that a new way of working can bring them"

ITIL 4 Concepts. Real Business Benefits

The IT Service Management landscape has drastically changed in the last decade. Most ITSM process assessment and improvement hasn't. Contact us if you need a flexible, realistic approach to service and process improvement.

Verax are the IT Service Management Improvement Experts

We assess and improve all aspects of the IT Value Chain, processes and functional / team performance (not just ITIL or COBIT). Verax also helps with Operating model design, coaching, and process design and documentation. 

Who we are

Verax was founded by Dan McCarthy, who has eighteen years of experience building, merging, and improving IT organisations and processes. We have all the basic credentials you'd expect - after all, we're ITSM experts. But that's not the whole story...


How we can help

Average IT managers know how their processes, people and services are performing. Good IT managers know what the future should look like. Great IT managers plan how to get to that future, and then make it happen. We provide the tools that enable IT managers to become great.


What we believe

ITSM process assessment should be the catalyst and driver for improved processes, services and IT organisations. To score highly against ITIL or COBIT framework questions may be necessary, but it isn't sufficient.

Why not? Contact us to informally continue the discussion.

Benefits of the Verax ITIL 4 IT Value Chain Approach

Regulatory Compliance

Benchmarked processes

More accurate, faster service investment decisions

Higher quality service changes, fewer defects

Faster, better managed responses to operational incidents

Improved risk management

Fewer silos, better teamwork

High performance processes

More satisfied customers

Zeno Process Dashboards for continual improvement

Let's talk about improving your IT organisation using ITIL 4 and our business experience of 'leaning' IT value streams. The bottom line is better teamwork, faster time to market and fewer business disruptions.

By the way, we don't do 'hard sell'. Let's have an initial chat.

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