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Improvement Focused IT Process Assessment​

The IT landscape has drastically changed in the last decade. Most IT process assessment and transformation hasn't. You need to operate in the real world, where not everything fits nicely into convenient frameworks. Let's be realistic about assessing and transforming IT organisations.

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Good day

If you need to assess and improve IT process performance (not just ITIL or COBIT) you're in the right place. If your people and teams need coaching, if you need help to swiftly document processes, or  generally need to make the world a better place, we can help. IT Service Management assessment is what we love and what we do.

Here's our approach:

First, we get familiar with the objectives of the assessment.

There are a hundred reasons for assessing IT, and we think we've seen most of them. Merger and acquisition activity, regulatory compliance, failing or sub-par processes, poor teamwork, customer service complaints, a need to benchmark, desire to comply with a framework (ITIL or COBIT), tools assessment, or just the wish to make things better.

Different reasons for assessment imply different objectives. It's vital that the objectives are understood so that the scope and approach of the assessment can be fine tuned and actionable results obtained.

Detailed planning 

Next is the planning stage. The aim is to make the assessment project as non-disruptive, effective and efficient as possible. Participants are identified, interviews scheduled, meeting rooms arranged. If the assessment takes place over multiple days or weeks, we also schedule regular informal updates to ensure the assessment is on track.

Choose to use an in-house project manager or alternatively we will run the whole project on your behalf.

The assessment

The methods used to assess will depend on the context. Typically, there'll be a combination of formal and open questions in 1-1 interviews, documentation reviews and job shadowing. This is where our secret sauce is sprinkled, because we ask better questions, have a better understanding of assessment psychology, and get to fundamental causes of issues more quickly than generic assessment approaches

We report, in meticulous detail, on what's working and what isn't.

More secret sauce here! It isn't enough to establish the gap between today's process and the 'perfect' process as defined by the ITIL maturity model or some other framework. It's the outcome that's important, not the framework.

The gap that needs to be understood lies between the current outcome of today's process and the required business outcome.

It's great to have a 'high maturity score'. But it's even better to identify the actions needed to reduce waste, reduce costs and deliver better services to customers.  

IT process assessment - Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy

"People don't aspire to a higher ITIL maturity level. They aspire to the efficiency, savings and successful outcomes that a higher maturity level brings them"

Next, we'll provide an improvement plan and roadmap

The key to success is concerted action. Armed with the assessment results, we can now categorise and prioritise the improvement actions, sequence them, assign owners and put in place an improvement plan with a clear roadmap. There will usually be a mix of quick wins with immediate benefits and slow burners which will deliver results further down the road - but Rome wasn't built in a day.

Communication is crucial. In a sense, the improvement programme is owned by everyone. Sure, accountability for each improvement action will fall to a named individual, but the whole team should be kept well informed and encouraged to improve processes, services and the organisation. 

We can also implement the roadmap and drive the improvement plans

Our services at this point in the process fall into three main areas.

1 We can provide leadership for the improvement project. The aim here is to maintain momentum, focus on action and change, and deliver the desired results.

2 You can take advantage of our process design expertise. This typically involves design workshops and documentation of the new processes.

3 Our Zeno self assessment tools track progress once the improvement effort is underway. Process managers can easily and reliably record the improving maturity scores to maintain focus on process excellence.

Who we are

Verax was founded by Dan McCarthy, who has eighteen years of experience building, merging, and improving IT organisations and processes. We have all the basic credentials you'd expect - after all, we're ITSM experts. But that's not the whole story...


How we can help

Average IT managers know how their processes, people and services are performing. Good IT managers know what the future should look like. Great IT managers plan how to get to that future, and then make it happen. We provide the tools that enable IT managers to become great.


What we believe

IT process assessment should be the catalyst and driver for improved processes, services and IT organisations. To score highly against ITIL or COBIT framework questions may be necessary, but it isn't sufficient.

Why not? Contact us to informally continue the discussion.

Summary of assessment services

  • ITIL processes
  • COBIT enabling processes
  • Service Desks
  • Overall IT Service Management effectiveness and efficiency
  • IT Service Management tools
  • Devops
  • Benchmarking
  • Customization - assessment based on context and objectives
  • IT customer and user experience
  • Team communication and effectiveness
  • SMOs
  • Identify and eliminate waste in IT processes
  • Team coaching and process owner coaching
  • Team communication and effectiveness

Basically, if it moves and it's IT process, people or function related, we assess and improve it!

We also coach teams and individuals to do all of this themselves so that the momentum of assessment and improvement can be maintained.

What's the point of all this IT process assessment?

IT Service Management and IT process assessment are best thought of as business tools for solving business problems. If the assessors are neutral, independent, experienced and skilled, these tools will provide invaluable insights that enable you to take action.


Regulatory Compliance

Benchmarked processes

More accurate, faster service investment decisions

Higher quality service changes, fewer defects

Faster, better managed responses to operational incidents

Improved risk management

Fewer silos, better teamwork

High performance processes

More satisfied customers

Zeno Process Dashboards for continual improvement