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IT Service Management Assessment

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Good day. We're Verax. We assess IT processes, and then we help our clients to improve them. Along the way we coach teams and individuals, document processes, and generally make the world a better place, except on Friday afternoons when we drink beer. IT Service Management assessment is what we love and what we do.

Who we are

Verax was founded by Dan McCarthy, who has eighteen years of experience building, merging, and improving IT organisations and processes. On larger projects, Dan partners with the best people in the business.


How we can help

Average IT managers know how their processes, people and services are performing. Good IT managers know what the future should look like. Great IT managers plan how to get to that future, and then make it happen. We provide the tools that enable IT managers to become great.


What we believe

Processes are abstract, people are real. People make things work.Technology and people together make processes effective and efficient. Also, IT Service Management assessment should be an engaging, skillful, rewarding and enjoyable process

"People don't aspire to a higher ITIL maturity level.   They aspire to the efficiency, confidence and success that a higher maturity level brings them."

What's the point of IT Service Management Assessment?

ITSM assessment is best thought of as a business tool for solving business problems. It can be nuanced like a doctor's diagnostic procedure, or as subtle as a hammer. It depends what you are trying to do, but either way, if the assessors are neutral, independent, and know what they are doing, you will end up with crucial information that enables you to take action.

Two of the most straightforward ways of using assessments are to establish regulatory compliance, or to provide a benchmark against future improvements.

Other more subtle uses for ITSM assessments include:​

  • More accurate, faster service investment decisions
  •  Higher quality service introductions and changes with fewer defects
  • Faster, better managed responses to operational incidents
  • Improved risk management
  • More effective teamwork, fewer technology silos
  • More efficient processes

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